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Life can sometimes take an unexpected turn and it's better to be prepared before an emergency than during one. Fortunately, there's an app for that.

In a world of digital advancements, there is no denying that technology can be used for more than just entertainment.

Life saving apps, or applications designed to protect and improve our lives in times of distress, are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether it’s an emergency situation, natural disaster, dangerous situation, or life-threatening condition – these apps can provide us with the help we need when we need it most.

But what exactly are life-saving apps? And how do they work? Read on to discover some must-have apps for your mobile phone which will help you out of any potentially sticky situations, and that genuinely might help save your life.

What is a Life Saving App?

Life saving mobile phone apps are applications designed to help people in times of distress and danger and are available in all major app stores.

The truth is some of them are useful even if you are not in a disaster situation but are there for any potential emergencies if you should need them so that you have instant access.

These apps provide users with a wide range of features that can be used to protect themselves or others from harm.

For example, some apps have built-in emergency alert systems that can be activated when a user is in danger, allowing them to contact the police or other authorities for assistance.

Other apps focus on providing resources and information related to natural disasters or other dangerous situations, such as storm alerts or fire safety tips. Finally, some apps are designed to help those suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with support services and resources.

No matter the purpose, life-saving apps offer an invaluable service that can truly save lives in times of need.

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, these applications are becoming more accessible every day – giving users a powerful tool they can use in case of emergency.

Benefits of Using Life-Saving Apps

We all know how important it is to be prepared for any situation, especially those that can affect our lives or the lives of loved ones. That’s why life-saving apps are such an incredible tool to have in your arsenal enabling you to have quick access if the situation demands it.

Not only do these applications provide real-time safety information and resources, but they make it easier than ever to stay connected and informed in potentially dangerous situations.

For instance, having access to emergency alerts can give users a heads-up about natural disasters or other emergencies so they can take action quickly.

Some life-saving apps even allow users to contact authorities directly with just a few clicks. Additionally, these apps often provide mental health resources such as counselling services and support groups – which is especially important during times of distress and anxiety.

By using a life-saving app, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of danger and be better equipped to handle whatever situation comes your way.

Whether you’re facing a natural disaster or dealing with mental health issues, having access to the right resources can make all the difference – and that’s where these amazing apps come into play!

Emergency Situations

emergency situation life saving app

It’s important to always be prepared in case of emergency situations. Whether it’s a natural disaster, crime, or medical emergency, having access to the right information and resources can make all the difference.

Fortunately, several life-saving apps provide real-time safety information and resources to help you stay informed and connected during potentially dangerous situations.

These emergency apps often offer emergency alerts for natural disasters and other emergencies so you can take action quickly.

Additionally, they usually feature mental health resources like counselling services and support groups – which is especially helpful during times of distress and anxiety. Many of these apps even let you contact authorities directly with just one click!

Using a life-saving app is an easy way to stay one step ahead of danger and be better equipped to handle whatever situation comes your way. So keep your phone charged up – you never know when a life-saving app may come in handy!

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be scary and unpredictable. But with the help of modern technology, it’s easier than ever to stay informed and prepared.

Several life-saving apps provide real-time alerts for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and more. These apps allow you to receive notifications when a disaster strikes in your area so you can take action quickly.

Not only do these apps give you access to real-time information about natural disasters, but they also offer mental health resources such as counselling services and support groups – which is especially helpful during times of distress and anxiety.

Many of these apps also even let you contact authorities directly with just one click!

Using a life-saving app is an easy way to stay safe during natural disasters. So make sure you download one today – it could end up saving your life!

Dangerous Situations

Dangerous situations can occur anywhere, anytime – and it’s important to be prepared. That’s why having access to life-saving apps is so important. These apps provide you with real-time alerts if you’re in a dangerous situation, allowing you to take immediate action.

Not only do these apps provide timely notifications of potential hazards in your area, but they also offer helpful tools such as battery life optimization. This ensures that you have enough power for your device should you need to contact authorities or use other safety resources.

Additionally, many of these apps allow users to store emergency contact information directly on their phones – making it easier than ever to get help when you need it most. So don’t wait until it’s too late – download a life-saving app today and stay safe!

Life-Threatening Conditions

Life-threatening conditions can be scary and unpredictable. Whether you are in a natural disaster or an emergency situation, it’s important to have the right resources to help you stay safe.

These apps provide real-time alerts about potential hazards in your area, as well as helpful tools like battery optimisation to ensure that you have power if you need to contact authorities. You can also store emergency contacts on your phone for easy access when needed.

Having a life-saving app on your device can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

The Best Life Saving Apps Available

best life saving apps

There are a variety of life-saving apps available for different types of situations. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you can download an app that provides real-time alerts about potential hazards in your area.

You can also find apps that optimise battery life so your phone doesn’t die if you need to contact authorities during an emergency. Plus, there are even mental health apps that provide support and guidance through times of distress, such as during a dangerous situation.

These apps offer valuable tools for staying safe and prepared for any unexpected events. No matter what type of emergency comes your way, having the right life-saving app on your device can give you the peace of mind that you have the resources needed to stay safe.


Many overlook having this app on their phone, but the reality is this app can save your life.  Rather than provide a longitude or latitude location over the phone (which can be time-consuming), What3Words has divided the entire world up into squares of 3 metres by 3 metres and given them 3 words.  You can then communicate with ease your exact location.

This means you can just communicate 3 little words and someone will be able to find you.

We have been using this system within our transport software Road XS and have used it to locate passengers, and drivers and even to protect ambulance crews.

It really is the simplest way to talk about locations and I also think that one day they may actually replace postcodes.

Find My Friends (for Android)

With this app, you can share your current location with your loved ones in real time. However, it’s important to note that both parties must provide consent for location sharing to occur. Additionally, the app will send you regular notifications to remind you that it is running to prevent accidentally leaving it on.

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FindMe (IOS)

The app not only enables you to share your current location with others in real time, but it also provides additional features such as the ability to monitor the battery levels of other users, track misplaced devices, and send out alerts when facing imminent danger.


Waze is an exceptional app for keeping your loved ones updated on your location in real time. It also offers drivers access to valuable crowd-sourced data, including updates on route disruptions, parking recommendations, and suggestions for the most time-efficient travel.

Snug Safety

Snug Safety is an app designed to assist seniors, individuals with epilepsy, and those with limited mobility due to medical conditions, who live independently. The app requires users to perform daily check-ins, and in case of failure to do so, emergency services can be promptly dispatched to provide assistance.

First Aid: The Red Cross

(Android) | (IOS)

This was developed by the American Red Cross to assist with a range of incidents, from minor accidents to emergencies.  It provides an array of helpful medical services and emergency medical advice.

Emergency: The British Red Cross

(Android) | (IOS)

Receive personalised and up-to-the-minute alerts and guidance to assist you in managing severe weather conditions and other emergencies across the United Kingdom.


AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps you can own.  It’s precision and accuracy when it comes to localised weather is one of the best out there and can help you plan for any outing and eventuality you might face in relation to the British weather.

Full Term: Contraction Timer

(Android) | (IOS)

This app aims to simplify the process of giving birth in unexpected places by providing a clean user interface that prioritises readability and emergency aid in the worst-case scenario.

Pill Reminder and Medicine Tracker

(Android) | (IOS)

The app has a feature that notifies caregivers and loved ones if a dosage has been missed, in addition to its medication tracking capabilities.

Becca Breast Cancer Support

(Android) | (IOS)

This app offers an array of features, such as personalized daily recommendations, flashcards, useful hints and tips, and real-life stories shared by other breast cancer survivors to encourage and inspire individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

It also offers comprehensive coverage of topics such as side effects, body image, and much more. Additionally, the app offers access to breast care nurses for further support. This app is provided by the UK-based charity, Breast Cancer Now.

SAS Survival Guide

(Android) | (IOS)

The SAS Survival Guide has served as the ultimate resource for surviving in any situation, anywhere across the globe, for more than two decades. Excitingly, the million-copy bestselling book has now been innovatively adapted for iPhone users, marking the first-ever digital version of this essential guide.  Top up your army survival skills with this app – you never know when it might come in helpful or increase your chance of survival, especially if you hike a lot.


(Android) | (IOS)

For your outdoor expeditions such as hiking, camping, backpacking, treks, and road trips, a highly practical and precise compass that is both user-friendly and easily readable is essential.  If you have lost you compass then this can work as a handy replacement.

OS Maps

(Android) | (IOS)

Discover the beauty of the great outdoors on your own terms, while prioritizing your safety, with the OS Maps app. Renowned as the UK’s leading leisure mapping app, OS Maps is your ultimate guide to walking, hiking, running, or cycling across breathtaking routes across the country.

Whether you wish to stay within your vicinity or embark on uncharted territories, OS Maps empowers you to explore Great Britain and Northern Ireland, allowing you to uncover hidden gems and revel in discovering new paths you never knew existed.

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Best of all, you’ll always have a map on hand (with battery power left in your device of course!).

Zello PTT Offline Walkie Talkie

(Android) | (IOS)

Whether you’re organizing an event or coordinating disaster relief efforts, the Zello app serves as an ideal push-to-talk walkie-talkie solution. Boasting the ability to stream real-time voice communication and messaging, this app supports group channels accommodating as many as 6,000 users.


(Android) | (IOS)

Bridgefy enables individuals to communicate with each other even in the absence of an internet connection, provided that they are within a proximity of approximately 100 meters.


Threema is one of the most secure messaging systems available today.  You can use it without providing an email address or phone number and communicate securely.  If you travel a lot on business and need to remain secure, take a look at Threema.

Calm App

If you want to keep your head in the game, then Calm is a great place to start.  The app can force you to slow down and think before you act or simply provide a much-needed time-out when things feel too much.  Their beautiful interface and support around sleep make this app a good choice for keeping you calm and focused.  It might not be the difference between life or death, but it might keep you sane!

Advantages of Using Life Saving Apps

benefits of life saving apps

Whether natural disasters or mental health emergencies, life-saving apps can be a godsend in times of crisis.

These apps can provide people with access to emergency services, enabling them to get assistance quickly and easily.

They also offer a variety of features that are designed to protect users in dangerous situations.

For example, they can alert friends and family members when the user is in danger and track their location so that help can arrive quickly. In addition, life-saving apps come with built-in battery tracking capabilities so that users don’t have to worry about losing power in an emergency.

With life saving apps, you can stay safe and secure no matter what the situation may be!

Disadvantages of Using Life-Saving Apps

While life-saving apps offer a variety of features to help users stay safe in dangerous situations, they also have some drawbacks.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that the app’s location tracking capabilities may not be reliable in rural areas or other remote locations.

This means that if you are in an emergency situation and need help, it may take longer for help to arrive due to the app’s inability to accurately pinpoint your location.

Many of these apps rely on GPS technology, which can drain your battery quickly.

If you are worried about running out of power during an emergency, you may want to consider investing in a backup power source such as a solar charger or external battery pack.

Life saving apps often require users to pay a subscription fee, offering premium versions in order to access all their features and services. While this cost may be worth it for some people, others may find it prohibitively expensive, especially (and one would hope) when your life is often not in a dangerous situation.


life saving app conclusion

Overall, life-saving apps can be a great tool for staying safe in dangerous situations.  They can often offer expert advice during crucial moments when emergency responders are unavailable.

They offer features such as location tracking and emergency contacts, communication capability when cell service or mobile services are unavailable, and they can make all the difference when you’re in a difficult situation.

However, there are some drawbacks to using these apps, including unreliable location tracking in rural areas and the need for a subscription fee to access all their features.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if the benefits of using a life-saving app outweigh any potential downsides.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted some key apps which you can keep with you just in case your ever have a need for them.  If there’s an app I haven’t listed just let us know and we’ll add to it to help others.

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