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Aug 4, 2020 | Talking Points

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Community transport forms the backbone of transport for many who otherwise couldn't get to their medical appointments and why we developed the leading community transport software.

Community transport is fast becoming the backbone of local communities. These transport services mobilise and engage communities and meet the needs of people who do not have easy access to cars, taxis, busses and other forms of transport. The services usually cater for taking disabled people to work, children to school, sick people to healthcare appointments as well as to shops and clubs. Community transport is a safe, accessible and cost-effective. Schemes are generally run by charities and voluntary organisations which are local to the community they serve.

Developing Community Transport Software for Communities to Use

In September 2016, we launched a community transport software called Road XS.  The software enables voluntary car, Demand Responsive Transport, Dial a Ride and patient transport services the ability to operate completely paperless and sustain their services via the cloud. It allows for journeys to be fully tracked, the nearest available drivers to be suggested, real-time reporting, estimated pickup times, cost controls, real-time departure boards and more, all via a modern and easy-to-use design.  To see more about our software’s ground-breaking features, visit Road XS features here.

Reducing Transport Costs to Passengers and Operators

Our Road XS software helps save costs to both passengers and drivers. We save operators considerable time in managing their entire transport service, and we have over-hauled the data capture process, increased journey creation accuracy, streamlined transport workflows and provided in-depth insight into the value of community transport and the positive impact it has on the communities they serve.  One provider saw an increase of 107% in demand in the first two quarters of 2018 vs the same two quarters in 2017.  They managed the services despite having less staff and fewer resources.  When the Red Cross used Road XS they saw a massive improvement to their existing services.

The Best Chat Apps for Business and What You Need to Know

Road XS demonstrates how technology and cloud technology allows you to do more with less.  The built-in GPS tracking technology provides greater security and support for transport operators so that they can see where a vehicle is on its journey and can ensure the safety of passengers and crew in the process.  The recent integration with What3Words really takes things a step further, enabling crews to communicate effectively and directly at a moment’s notice.

The Evolving Transport Software

Through utilising our cloud refresh programme, the software has gone on to evolve into a fully established, innovative and leading transport software.  Today the software handles high dependency emergency transport, is an evolving innovative patient transport software, is the first fully optimised demand responsive dial a ride software,  and also provides the capabilities for group travel services.

Our transport software is used throughout the UK and allows operators to work from anywhere.  This became a vital service, as during COVID-19 we enabled operators to remain active and communicate with passengers and drivers even as they were shielding.  We provided the capability to even track their well-being during this time to ensure no one got left forgotten.

COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn’t stop.  Road XS has been developed further into community delivery software too.  This has enabled providers to organise and plan food deliveries in their local areas to ensure the most vulnerable in our society still have access to food supplies, especially those who were forced to shield themselves during the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak.  We were also able to provide our transport software to NHS service providers to help in transporting patients to and from hospitals.  Watching how our software supported the crews during this time was an extremely proud moment for us and we were humbled to play our part and continue to be of help.

The Ultimate Email Management Guide

If you would like more information about Road XS then please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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