Cloud Services

Private Cloud

Control data your way with your own personal cloud

Build Your Own Private Cloud

Create your own private cloud to access your data on your own terms.

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Keep Control of Your Data

Our Private Cloud servers make it easy to sync and access your files anytime, anywhere. Instead of leasing your data to a third party company and risking the integrity of your personal information, choose our private cloud solution for your documents, music, photos and video and stay secure and private.

Deploy Your Own Cloud

Deploy your own private cloud and enable your business or home files to go with you on any device. Instead of relying on third party providers where you have no control over your data storage, take back control and store the data yourself. You can even stream multimedia files and setup your own access control lists and add advanced security settings.

Control Your Data

Create your own private cloud and keep complete control of all your data.  This means that all your information and data remains with you and is not transferred to third party services such as Microsoft, Amazon or Drop Box.  Save money on third party storage fees and build your own space in the clouds.


Choose your own storage


Access your files remotely


Make your own Drop Box


Manage file storage


Setup access controls


Setup backup configurations

Private Cloud Services

What We Do Makes The Difference

  • File management
  • Multimedia
  • Virtualization
  • Data syncing
  • Mobile and tablet apps
  • Data protection
  • User management
  • Productivity tools