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Hosted Exchange

Secure and reliable enterprise grade email, contact and organisation platform

Hosted Echange Gets Your Life in Sync

Hosted Exchange enables you to organise your life.  Access your emails, contacts, calendars and notes across all of your devices.

outlook web app with hosted exchange

Sync Your Whole Life

Hosted Exchange brings your email, contacts and calendar together no matter which device you use.

Hosted Exchange is the enterprise class e-mail service regardless of how large or small your organisation is.  Enjoy a high-level of service without the operational headaches and hardware over-heads.  Work from anywhere and keep all your contacts, appointments and tasks in-sync across any device.

Best for Business, Best for You

It’s likely that you send a lot of emails and you need trust, reliability and assurance that they are delivered.  With our Hosted Exchange service we make sure everything runs smoothly so you can run your business from anywhere, from any device.  You can use our services for your business or for your own personal use with your own custom domain.

What We Do Makes the Difference

Stay Organised and Professional

Hosted Exchange is the best business communication platform in the world and ensures that all your vital communications are at your fingertips, whether it’s on your desktop PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet device.

With exchange you remain fully organised and don’t need to use third party applications.  It’s why it’s trusted by professionals in business today over other services.

Nothing Up-Front

Moving to Hosted Exchange gives you better control of your costs by removing the need for expensive hardware installations and ongoing maintenance. 

Our Exchange environment is super-resilient, fully managed and every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.

Peace of Mind

Any organisation is under pressure to cut costs, streamline the business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making themselves more available to clients and colleagues.  Hosted Exchange gives you the confidence to enhance your customer service and business efficiency.

Pay Only for the Email Users You Need

Exchange Secure is perfect for the small business user who needs an all-in-one email solution. It contains everything a small business needs to send email securely, with security features such as anti-spam and anti-security, email archiving, and an advanced, one-click restore backup solution.

With our Hosted Exchange service you can choose to use only what you need.  You have no up-front fees and you can pick and choose your licensing options.

Not for profit prices are also available.


250GB Mailbox Storage


Outlook Web App


99.9% Uptime


Up to 10 alias' per account


5/10 year archiving available


50MB basic mailbox available


Exchange secure addon available


What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is Microsoft’s integrated communication and email service. 

Unlike other email services which rely upon IMAP and SMTP, Microsoft have their own secure protocols known as ActiveSync.  This makes services more secure with enterprise grade security included and provides a faster and smoother experience for end users – you!

Not only do you get emails, but also contact management, notes and calendars.  If you hope onto a different device, it’s no problem, everything is there available to you.  It also fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Which Devices Does Hosted Exchange Work On?

Hosted Exchange works on Windows, Apple and Android devices.  You can access the Outlook Web App on the go from any computer which has an Internet connection.  It means you can communicate securely from anywhere.

What is the Outlook Web App (OWA)?

If you’ve used Microsoft Outlook, then the Outlook Web App is literally Outlook in the cloud.  It’s the familiar interface meaning  you can work in your familiar environment safely and securely no matter what device you use.

Did You Know?

With our Hosted Exchange service you can expect a 99.9% uptime.