What is Artificial Intelligence?

Aug 15, 2023 | Explainers

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At its core, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of creating machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks range from understanding human speech to playing chess, recognizing patterns, and making decisions based on vast amounts of data.

The Roots of AI

While AI feels like a product of the 21st century, its roots trace back to ancient history. Philosophers mused over the concept of artificial beings in mythologies and stories. But the real journey of AI began in the mid-20th century when Alan Turing, a pioneering computer scientist, posed the question, “Can machines think?” This led to the concept of the Turing Test – a measure of a machine’s ability to exhibit human-like intelligence.

How Does AI Work?

There are several techniques and methodologies in AI, but let’s touch on a few pivotal ones:

  1. Machine Learning (ML): This is where machines are trained to improve their performance by being fed vast amounts of data. Instead of being explicitly programmed, they ‘learn’ patterns from this data.
  2. Neural Networks: Inspired by our brain’s architecture, neural networks are interconnected layers of algorithms that process information in stages. They are fundamental for deep learning, a subset of ML, which allows AIs to recognize patterns in images, voice, and more.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): This helps machines understand and respond to human language, making our interactions with them more natural.
  4. Robotics: AI in the field of robotics involves creating robots that can interact with their environment and carry out a set of tasks.

The Impact of AI

AI has transformed numerous industries:

  • Healthcare: From diagnostic AI that can detect diseases to chatbots that assist patients, AI has revolutionized healthcare.
  • Finance: AI is used for fraud detection, algorithmic trading, and robo-advisors for personal finance.
  • Entertainment: Think of personalized recommendations on platforms like Netflix or Spotify.
  • Transport: Autonomous vehicles and smart traffic management systems are prime examples.
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The Future and Ethics of AI

As AI continues to advance, there are questions about its impact on society, employment, privacy, and security. It’s vital to ensure that AI’s growth remains ethical, unbiased, and in the best interests of humanity. Leading organizations and experts are working to create guidelines and standards to guide its development responsibly.


Artificial Intelligence, in its essence, is not just about machines or technology. It’s about augmenting our capabilities and improving our quality of life. While we marvel at its potential, it’s equally important to tread with awareness and responsibility. Stay tuned for more deep dives into the world of AI!

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